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  Marvin Bedward

  Bedward & Co.


Marvin Bedward is CEO of Bedward & Co., a management consultant company specializing in business planning and business startups. He is a seasoned business professional with more than 30 years of experience in business development, management consulting and program and software systems management in the Canadian Federal Government and private sector.

Mr. Bedward has served on the boards of a number of private, public and non-profit corporations, including chairman and CEO of a publicly traded media and technology company. He is experienced in areas such as entrepreneurial start-ups, development of business and marketing strategies, mergers and acquisitions, formation of partnerships and alliances and international business development, corporate planning, reporting, evaluation and information management. He has consulted in the fields of information management, international investment and trade development serving corporations, as well as Canadian and foreign governments and international agencies.

As Director General, Corporate Management Practices and Evaluation Directorate, in the Public Service Commission, he was responsible for the corporate planning, reporting, risk analysis, internal evaluation and information management.

A magazine and book publisher, lecturer and instructor, he has also has co-authored and developed numerous publications on international business development, produced a number of international multimedia and Internet platform projects, and delivered workshops in trade, investment and business development to industry and government officials.

Mr. Bedward has been instrumental in the start up of a number of software, internet and publishing ventures, including technology and publications operations in Canada and continues to serve on a number of corporate boards. He holds degrees in business administration from the University of Ottawa and he has completed studies in executive development, sponsorship management at York University and on-line marketing.


 Marie-Jose Bourassa

 NewLeaf Performance


Marie-Jose Bourassa is a partner of NewLeaf Performance a Canadian consulting boutique offering organizational effectiveness consulting services.  NewLeaf Performance specializes in Strategic Alignment, Change Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Culture.  Ms. Bourassa provides organizational development and modernization reviews and helps build and implement change strategies with senior public administrators.

Ms. Bourassa knows public administration: she has been the executive responsible for Corporate Services in several departments, an innovator in governance and oversight in Canada's Treasury department and a Vice-President of a federal Crown Corporation.  She is well-versed in all elements of public service renewal, administration, service modernization, performance management, accountability and reporting - both as a seasoned executive and as a senior consultant from the Big-5 consulting firms.

Ms. Bourassa holds graduate degrees and she is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA).  She is fluent in French and English and has basic proficiency in Spanish.


Margaret Saner

Margaret Saner


Margaret Saner is an independent adviser specialising in governance, leadership, change and institution building. Margaret is the past chair of the United Nations Committee of Experts in Public Administration (UNCEPA). In her career in the UK civil service, Margaret led a number service-wide initiatives in the UK and elsewhere gaining extensive international experience including a loan to the Government of Kenya as adviser to the Prime Minister; initially on establishing his Office and Strategic Plan followed by implementation, including public sector transformation, leadership development and implementation of the new constitution. Prior to this she supported the Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in the UK in establishing cross government accountability for results. Margaret founded the Sunningdale Institute and is a former chief executive of the Civil Service College. She is a former director at CAPAM and established the Institutes Network, working with leaders of reform, heads of public service and heads of institutes to align learning and development more effectively with public service modernization and reform.