Our History

Click on the graphic to download the CAPAM 20th Anniversary Commemorative Book.

CAPAM 20th Anniversat Commemorative Book

In 1994, Commonwealth countries established CAPAM – an institution where cooperation and dialogue regarding public sector administration and management amongst participating countries would serve to strengthen all governments and the people that they serve. Throughout its rich history, CAPAM has experienced a number of significant milestones:


Harare Commonwealth Declaration in Zimbabwe lays the groundwork for CAPAM’s genesis. It pledges, in part, that members would work with renewed vigour on priority areas such as “democracy, democratic processes and institutions that reflect national circumstances, the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, just and honest government”.


Sir Kenneth Stowe chairs the pan-Commonwealth Steering Committee of founding members that would ultimately lead towards the formation of CAPAM.


CAPAM kicks off its inaugural conference in Charlottetown, Canada.

CAPAM is established as a non-profit membership association devoted to exchanging information and knowledge on public administration among Commonwealth countries and beyond.


Commonwealth Innovations newsletter launched.


CAPAM associates with the journal Pubic Administration and Development.

First CAPAM website launched.

CAPAM Bulletin Board System available for members and affiliates to communicate about specific topics.

Commonwealth Portfolio: Current Good Practice and New Developments in Public Service Management developed.


CAPAM, with support from the Asian Development Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat and the World Bank, introduces a curriculum for a senior management programme based on the Commonwealth Portfolio.

The first International Innovations Awards programme held with the theme “Service to the Public”.


CAPAM and the Commonwealth Secretariat hold the first Senior Public Executive Seminar at the School of Public Policy, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The Practice Knowledge Centre (PKC) is made available to CAPAM members.


CAPAM achieves financial self-sufficiency. 

The International Review of Administrative Sciences becomes CAPAM’s official journal.

CAPAM and the Commonwealth Secretariat launch the International Innovations Cascading Programme.


CAPAM and the Commonwealth Secretariat develop and deliver the first Senior Management Leadership Development Programme in South Africa and Uganda.


CAPAM and the Commonwealth Secretariat hold a Senior Executive Seminar for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries held in Namibia.                                 

The Practice Knowledge Centre (PKC) is made available on-line to CAPAM members via the website.

International Innovations Cascading Programme announced.


CAPAM celebrates its 10th anniversary.

CAPAM and the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, offer a series of in-depth, topic-specific courses.

The first Gordon Draper Award presented to Gordon Draper, posthumously.


CAPAM and the Government of India host inaugural gathering of public service training institutes (PSTI)-based executives.


CAPAM receives funding through the Canadian International Development Agency to establish a Network of Public Service Training and Development Institutes (PSTDI). 


Regional Thematic Conferences introduced to improve access to CAPAM conferences and to provide a forum for in-depth examination of priority themes.

A suite of learning programmes delivered in partnership with numerous institutions.

Online forums developed for CAPAM members.


Library of Public Administration Case Studies created in CAPAM E-Library in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat.


CAPAM celebrates its 20th anniversary.


SmartGov online advisor introduced as a concept for enabling greater access to information, knowledge sharing and learning.