2014 IIA Finalists

Innovations in Citizen Engagement and Dialogue

Information Resolution and Communication Portal (IRCP): Office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Clean & Green Hackathon: National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore

Community Empowerment through Community Radios: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India

Innovations in Public Service Management

Sakala: Sakala Mission, India

The National Performance Framework: Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development , Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Contractors Registration System (CRS): Building and Construction Authority, Singapore

Innovative Use of Technology in the Public Service

Safe City Monitoring System (SCMS): Royal Malaysia Police, Malaysia

Mobile Seva: Dept. of Electronics & IT, Government of India, India

Electronic Voting Machine: Bharat electronics Limited, India

TabletPC for enumeration: Bharat electronics Limited, India

Innovations in Government Services and Programmes

Management of Kumbh Mela-2013: State Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Development of Lumber Treatment Technology: Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Malaysia

TTBizLink: Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago