2016 IIA Finalists

Citizen-Focused Innovation

Gram Varta-Village Dialogue, A Women's Group Lead Initiative for Improved Health, Nutrition and Sanitation Outcomes in Bihar: Women Development Corporation, India
Lado (Beloved Child) Campaign - An Innovative Initiative for Eradicating Child Marriages: Department of Women & Child Development, India
National Registration Department of Malaysia Outreach Program: National Registration Department, Malaysia

Innovation in Public Service Management

Scaling-Up Cervical Cancer Screening, Early Detection and Treatment; Experience of Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project: Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project, India
Sarawak State Services 2010-2020 Action Plan (SCS10-20 Action Plan): State Service Modernization Unit, Chief Minister's Department of Sarawak, Malaysia
Balancing Enforcement and Customer Service in Central Provident Fund Board (CPF Board): Central Provident Fund Board, Singapore

Innovation Incubation

All Women Model Polling Station & Counting Centre of Gaya (Bihar) - A Way forward for Women Empowerment: Patna Collectorate, Government of Bihar, Patna, Bihar, India
Canal-Top Solar Power Plant - A New Direction to Green and Clean Energy: Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, India 
Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard: Ministry of Public Administration, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP): Malaysian Prison Department, Malaysia

Innovation DNA

Revival of Sasur Khaderi Rivulet & Lake Thithora - A Bhagirath Endeavour in District Fathpur of Uttar Pradesh: Infrastructure & Industrial Development, India
Create and Innovate, Make a Difference: Story of Our Journey: State Service Modernization Unit, Chief Minister's Department of Sarawak, Malaysia
Public Sector ICT Supplier Panels (PSICT): Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), Singapore