2016 IIA Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 International Innovations Awards winners announced during the CAPAM 2016 Biennial Conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia!

Gold Medal Winner and Category Winner: Innovation in Public Service Management 

Recognises innovations that are largely internal/inward-facing to government and consist of functional or whole-of-system policies or business processes. It showcases innovative solutions to the everyday, underlying demands of running a public service organisation in any number of fields. 

Scaling-Up Cervical Cancer Screening, Early Detection and Treatment; Experience of Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project: Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project, India

Learning lessons from a pilot project in two districts of Tamil Nadu, which used a simple screening tool for cervical cancer called VIA/VILI and replaces the conventional PAP test, this project is scaled up to include the entire state. It provides screening and treatment services for cervical cancer to all women aged 30 and above attending any government health facility in the state. The services have been brought to rural health facilities through a smooth integration into the existing health system. Women have overcome their fears and hesitations and are now accessing the programme with 9.5 million individuals having been screened to date. A large-scale, well-conceived, and strategically-planned programme, it is the first of its kind in India. 

Category Winner: Innovation Incubation

Innovation that represents early thinking and promotes unproven innovative ideas that have not yet become replicable actions. It highlights amazingly radical and promising forward thinking that can ignite further ideas for innovative practices.

Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard Buzz: Ministry of Public Administration, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago 

The aim of Diamond Buzz is to diversify the national economy for greater sustainability and job opportunities, leverage national resources in problem solving, and improve Trinidad and Tobago’s global position through leadership and partnership. Diamond Buzz leverages young citizens to solve problems that face the public service using technology. This project harnesses the talents of a group of young, burgeoning software developers working alongside targeted public service agencies to conceptualize and create information and communication technologies (ICTs). Interestingly, Trinidad improved its Network Readiness Index rank and score in 2015. 

Category Winner: Citizen-Focused Innovation 

Honours innovative policies, programmes, services, and access to services that are outward-facing and client-based. This category showcases solutions that address root causes or emerging societal demands for the delivery of the organisation’s programmes and services to citizens and other external partners.

Lado (Beloved Child) Campaign - An Innovative Initiative for Eradicating Child Marriages: Department of Women & Child Development, India

The Government of Madhya Pradesh was the first in the country to conceive, formulate and fund a dedicated innovative programme against child marriage. The Lado Campaign was designed to change the socio-customary-psychological behaviour of the community with regard to child marriage. The programme brings all line departments as well as the community onto a single platform; enhances the capacities of implementers, core members, service providers and the community; nurtures and mentors children as change agents; and effectively uses communications tools. Within two years of implementation, Lado sensitised citizens through workshops, training, animation and rallies, leading to the reduction in numbers, prevention or annulment of over 85,000 underage marriages. This campaign is adaptable and replicable to any challenge where patriarchy and traditional/religious practice are the root cause of an issue.

Category Winners: Innovation DNA 

Recognises initiatives centred on building internal capacity for creativity and innovation, embedding open innovation practices in government, and systematically soliciting input at all levels. It is characterised by an environment where innovation, creativity, space to challenge, and noble failure have become, or are becoming, inherent to the climate, mind-set, attitudes and structures of the organisation and its leadership.

Create and Innovate, Make a Difference: Story of Our Journey: State Service Modernization Unit, Chief Minister's Department of Sarawak, Malaysia 

The Sarawak Civil Service (SCS) embarked on a transformation journey in 2010 with a vision to be ‘a world class civil service’ and a mission ‘to provide excellent service delivery through high performance teamwork’. In order for innovation to flourish, the government introduced various initiatives and approaches to create an environment that fosters creativity – bringing together multi-talented groups of people who work in close collaboration – by exchanging knowledge, ideas and shaping the direction of the future. This environment required a framework and mechanism to operate effectively, including: innovation empowerment, governance structure, cascading and promotion, provision of support systems, collaboration and integration and enculturation of shared values.


Revival of Sasur Khaderi Rivulet & Lake Thithora - A Bhagirath Endeavour in District Fathpur of Uttar Pradesh: Infrastructure & Industrial Development, India

Rising population with its inherent  needs along with rapid industrialisation and urbanisation are some of the local elements that are adversely affecting the delicate ecological balance of the Sasur Khaderi Rivulet and Lake Thithora in the district of Fatehpur. The situation warranted a comprehensive plan, which included clearing of encroachment from these two bodies of water to ultimately maintain flow of the river with the use of gated check-dams at the lake and river reaches. Availability of water has increased for irrigation, improving the overall agro-climatic situation as well as the local hydrological cycle. The project was successfully implemented through the will of government and people and dedication to a cause.