2018 IIA Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 International Innovations Awards winners announced during the CAPAM 2018 Biennial Conference in Georgetown, Guyana!

Gold Medal Winner and Category Winner: Innovation in Public Service Management 

Recognises innovations that are largely internal/inward-facing to government and consist of functional or whole-of-system policies or business processes. It showcases innovative solutions to the everyday, underlying demands of running a public service organisation in any number of fields. 

Unified Agriculture Markets: Government of Karnataka, India

The government developed a comprehensive roadmap for market reforms along with interventions in areas of technology up gradation, electronic auction platform, unified trader license to trade in all markets, quality certification, effective information dissemination, transparent post-auction processes, market integration etc., making market operations simple, transparent and efficient. Rashtriya e-Market Services Private Limited (ReMS) is a PPP initiative designed to move the reforms agenda ahead in making the “One State – One Market” concept a reality. It offers a complete technology requirement through its Unified Market Platform (UMP) and management solution for modernizing primary agricultural markets in state. The innovative step of the Karnataka State has been recognised and considered as “the Karnataka Model” from the Government of India and has been adapted centrally to make “One Nation – One Market”. 

Category Winner: Innovation Incubation

Innovation that represents early thinking and promotes unproven innovative ideas that have not yet become replicable actions. It highlights amazingly radical and promising forward thinking that can ignite further ideas for innovative practices.

Unnayan Banka - Reinventing Education using Technology: India 

“Unnayan Banka” is an initiative that aims to provide “Quality Education for all” through integration of technology with a focus on ensuring continuous monitoring and accountability in the education system. This initiative focuses everyone, especially those at the bottom of the pyramid, by leveraging the latest technologies. “Unnayan Banka” is a multiplatform model in which students are getting modern-day animated, contextualized and comprehensive videos on various platforms like LCD/LED TVs, projectors, laptops, and especially on mobile phones. The focus of Unnayan Banka revolves round the-4Es (expansion, excellence, equity, employability) for the betterment of the education system using an innovative technology model.

Category Winner: Citizen-Focused Innovation 

Honours innovative policies, programmes, services, and access to services that are outward-facing and client-based. This category showcases solutions that address root causes or emerging societal demands for the delivery of the organisation’s programmes and services to citizens and other external partners.

Helping Elderly Singaporeans Plan for Retirement in a Digital World: Singapore Central Provident Fund Board, Singapore

In this Digital Age, the way organisations are serving their customers is rapidly changing. There is a strong push towards digitalisation and this is causing the elderly to be left behind because they feel lost and unfamiliar with digital technologies. The Singapore Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board chose to use digital technologies to enhance traditional services, so that elderly Singaporeans were not left behind in this digital world. Various innovation methodologies were used to gather both quantitative and qualitative insights to understand the needs of elderly Singaporeans. These initiatives made use of digital technologies to improve traditional service channels, so that elderly Singaporeans could be better served using channels with which they were familiar.

Category Winners: Innovation DNA 

Recognises initiatives centred on building internal capacity for creativity and innovation, embedding open innovation practices in government, and systematically soliciting input at all levels. It is characterised by an environment where innovation, creativity, space to challenge, and noble failure have become, or are becoming, inherent to the climate, mind-set, attitudes and structures of the organisation and its leadership.

InNEAvation (NEA´s Innovation DNA): National Environmental Agency, Singapore 

The National Environment Agency (NEA) put in place an innovation framework based on organisation development and behavioural science theories. There are various programmes to solicit ideas in NEA, which are then harvested and evaluated for their feasibility and strategic fit. Some are excluded while others executed or incubated for future applications. To sustain a culture of innovation, there is a systematic way to assemble agile venture teams, monitoring sharp innovation metrics, a rewards and recognition structure, as well as communications, learning and celebratory platforms via various media and events.