Who Can Apply?


To be eligible, the innovation submission(s) must:

  • fit within one of the four 2018 IIA categories;
  • be submitted by an individual or a team associated with the innovation project;
  • reflect an organisational rather than an individual achievement;
  • originate from a public service organisation at a national, state or local government level; OR where the project is carried out in partnership with another entity and the submission is being made by that entity (i.e. civil society, para-governmental organisation, etc.), government involvement and oversight must be clearly demonstrated;
  • have been implemented (since January 2014), be in active operation, and undergone evaluation (please note: this criterion does not apply to submissions under the category “Innovation Incubation”);
  • be accompanied by a letter from a senior public official authorising submission by the applicant; and
  • include the submission payment fee.