2018 Biennial Conference

CAPAM 2018 Biennial Conference

Transforming the Public Sector for Climate Governance

The effects of our changing climate are being felt to varying degrees around the world.
With many regions experiencing both shared and unique climate challenges, it is clear that effective and efficient climate governance must occur across government systems and through a multitude of sectors and industries in order to better tackle complex environmental matters. Within this context, nations and their public service professionals are increasingly being called upon to urgently address, mitigate and proactively manage this global transformation. At the same time, the reality of ensuring strong economic growth for a nation and its citizens is all consuming. How does the public sector manage this duality? Are there policies, strategies, and approaches that account for both climate responsibility and economic prosperity?
Under the theme, Transforming the Public Sector for Climate Governance, CAPAM will explore this topic and its many implications during the CAPAM 2018 Biennial Conference being held in Georgetown, Guyana from 22-24 October 2018.
Designed for an international audience of senior public sector managers and administrators, the three-day event offers insightful dialogue, theoretical and practical knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. To enrich and complement the experience, the host government of Guyana is organising a unique and special programme of learning journeys for delegates. As always, the conference programme will culminate with the CAPAM International Innovations Awards presentations to recognise excellence in public service innovation.
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