CAPAM is pleased to provide presentations from our Plenary, Session and International Innovation Awards (IIA) finalists at the 2016 Biennial Conference. Click on the highlighted speakers' names below to open their presentations. CAPAM will continue to add Biennial presentations to this page as they are received.
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Day 1

Plenary - Leading Innovation: The New Normal 

IIA Finalist Presentations

Session 1.1  Preparing Executive Leaders to Support Innovation

Session 1.2 Innovation as a Strategic Imperative for the Organisation

Session 1.3   Case Studies in how Innovative Leadership is able to meet Challenges


Day 2

Plenary 2 - Preparing the Organisation: Creating a Culture of Innovation 

Session 2.1 Creating a Culture of Innovation: The Henry Mintzberg Approach 

Session 2.2  Are you Ready for the Futures?

Session 2.3 Design Thinking

Day 3

Plenary 3 – Implementing Innovation and Measuring Impact 

IIA Finalist Presentations

Session 3.1 Inspiring Innovation in the Public Service

Session 3.2   Innovation through Peer-2-Peer Learning

Session 3.3 The Sustainable Development Goals: Are We Prepared to Make a Difference?

Session 3.4  Case Studies 1 – Solving Everyday Problems

Session 3.5  Case Studies 2 - Innovative Programme Solutions