Past Events

CAPAM regional conferences have provided members with many opportunities to interact in a variety of locations around the world. These events, combined with CAPAM’s premier Biennial Conferences, have allowed members significant exposure over the years to many of the countries that make up the Commonwealth.

Members are able to access the papers, presentations and reports from past regional conferences in our E-Library.

2013 – Malaysia

Strategic Management Enhancing Service Delivery through Accountable and Responsive Service Delivery

2013 – South Africa

Public Service Research and Innovation: A Quest for Sustained Service Delivery

2012 – Canada 

Building Capacity in Human Resources Management across the Commonwealth

2012 – Sri Lanka

Symposium on Leadership for Public Service Excellence

2011 – United Kingdom

Senior Leaders Forum: Leadership at the Centre

2011 – Kenya 

Leading for Results: Realizing the Vision

2011 – Trinidad and Tobago

Public Service Excellence: Embracing Innovation and Change

2010 – Nigeria

Good Governance, Accountability and Trust

2009 – Australia

Government: It's all about Citizens

2009 – Malaysia 

Building Public Service Leadership Capacity

2009 – United Republic of Tanzania 

Governance Excellence: Managing Human Potential

2009 – Malaysia 

Forces Shaping the Public Service Leadership Environment in Tanzania

2007 – Ghana 

Leadership, Learning, Institutes and Public Service 

2007 – South Africa 

Building the Academic/Practitioner Interface

2006 – Malawi 

Senior Executive Seminar

2005 – Trinidad and Tobago

High Level Seminar on Managing Change

2005 – India

In Pursuit of Excellence: Developing and Maintaining a High Quality Public Service

2004 – Mauritius 

Implementing a Public Sector Performance Management System

2003 – Malaysia 

Meeting Future Challenges of the Public Service

2003 – Barbados 

Caribbean Public Service Leadership and the Challenge of Globalization

2002 – Botswana 


2002 – Namibia 

Generic with CESPAM

2002 – New Zealand

Emerging Issues in Senior Management Development in the Public Sector

2001 – Uganda 

Improving Service Delivery

2001 – United Kingdom  

Governance for the 21st Century – Joined-up Accountability

2000 – India 

High Level Seminar – Just and Honest Government, International Experience

1999 – Australia 

Institute of Public Administration Australia (IIPA): International Conference

1999 – United Kingdom

The Jubilee Conference – The Last Fifty Years and the Next Fifty Years: A Century of Public Administration and Development (PAD)

1999 – United Kingdom

High Level Seminar – Educating the Next Generation of Public Administrators

1998 – United Kingdom

High Level Seminar on Performance Measurement

1997 – India 

Towards a New Public Administration: Learning from International Experience

1997 – United Kingdom

High Level Seminar for Cabinet Secretaries

1997 – Seychelles 

Lessons from the Experience of Small and Island States

1996 – Australia 

Institute of Public Administration Australia: National Conference

1996 – New Zealand

Managing the Complexity at the Public/Administrative Interface

1996 – Trinidad and Tobago

Emerging Issues in Management Development/ A Blueprint for the Future in the Caribbean

1995 – Malaysia 

National Seminar on Public Service

1995 – South Africa

Encouraging Diversity within a Unified Public Service