CAPAM 2016 International Innovations Awards Winners Announced

Putrajaya, Malaysia, 20 August 2016 – The Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) is pleased to announce that the 2016 International Innovations Awards (IIA) winners have been selected. Presented during the CAPAM President’s Dinner at the conclusion of the 2016 Biennial Conference, the Awards celebrate the spirit of innovation in the public service by recognizing organisations that have made significant contributions to improving governance and services in the public sector. 
Ms Margaret Saner, Vice Chair of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) and Chair of the IIA Assessment Panel introduced the Awards, suggesting to delegates that, “ (the awards) remind us of why we are all here, why public administration matters and, particularly now as we embark on implementation of the sustainable development goals, why effective public administration is so critical to meeting the challenges of our societies.”
CAPAM President the Hon Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa, Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia, presented category awards to the following winning teams:
Category: Innovation Incubation
Innovation that represents early thinking and promotes unproven innovative ideas that have not yet become replicable actions. It highlights amazingly radical and promising forward thinking that can ignite further ideas for innovative practices.
Winner: Diamond Buzz, Trinidad and Tobago

Category: Citizen-focussed Innovation 
Honours innovative policies, programmes, services, and access to services that are outward-facing and client-based. This category showcases solutions that address root causes or emerging societal demands for the delivery of the organisation’s programmes and services to citizens and other external partners.
Winner: Lado Campaign - An Innovative Initiative for Eradicating Child Marriages, India

Category: Innovation in Public Service Management 
Recognises innovations that are largely internal/inward-facing to government and consist of functional or whole-of-system policies or business processes. It showcases innovative solutions to the everyday, underlying demands of running a public service organisation in any number of fields.
Winner: Scaling-Up Cervical Cancer Screening, Early Detection and Treatment, India

Category: Innovation DNA 
Recognises initiatives centred on building internal capacity for creativity and innovation, embedding open innovation practices in government, and systematically soliciting input at all levels. It is characterised by an environment where innovation, creativity, space to challenge, and noble failure have become, or are becoming, inherent to the climate, mind-set, attitudes and structures of the organisation and its leadership.
Winners: Create and Innovate, Make a Difference: Story of Our Journey, Malaysia

Revival of Sasur Khaderi Rivulet & Lake Thithora, India
The awards ceremony reached its conclusion when the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations, presented the Overall Gold Medal to:
Scaling-Up Cervical Cancer Screening, Early Detection and Treatment, India

For more information on the winning initiatives, visit the 2016 IIA Winners page.