Select articles from 2017, including:

Create and Innovate, Make a Difference : Story of our Journey 2016 International Innovations Awards finalist: State Service Modernization Unit (SSMU) Sarawak Chief Minister’s Department, Malaysia
Semakau Landfill Phase II 2016 International Innovations Awards semi-finalist: National Environment Agency, Singapore
Managing Wicked Problems: The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the Depoliticisation of Health Care Rationing by Jim Buller
Preparing Young Leaders of Tomorrow by Geoff Mulgan
Next Generation of the Public Service by Michael Wernick
Wavelength: Millennials and the Public Service by Duane Herperger
Should Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa be the Monopoly of the Public Sector? by Mrs Bridget Katsriku
Swachh Ambikapur: A Waste Management Innovation 2016 International Innovations Awards semi-finalist: Ambikapur Municipal Corporation, India
PPPs for More Effective and Innovative Service Delivery by Karen Persad
Haze Management: Providing Timely and Useful Information 2016 International Innovations Awards submission: National Environment Agency, Singapore
Universal Design: A Strategy for Accessibility by Bjarki Hallgrimsson
Wavelength: Evaluation in an SDGs Era by Karen Persad
Agenda 2030: The Sustainable Development Goals by Ms Margaret Saner  
Leaping Forward: From MDGs to SDGs and Transformational Change by Prof Hany Besada
Government, For Your Smart Ledgers of Last Resort by Professor Michael Mainelli
Public Health Care Database 2016 International Innovations Awards submission: County Medical Office of Health St. Andrew/St. David, Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago
The GCTools - Advancing Public Service Renewal through Digital Collaboration by Nick Wise
Wavelength: Greening the Commonwealth - Policy Instruments by Karen Persad
Building a Smarter Port with Wireless Connectivity and Mobility 2016 International Innovations Awards submission: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)