The CAPAM Incubator explores new approaches in how public service professionals could better achieve excellence in the work that they do. Following the spirit of the International Innovations Awards category, Innovation Incubation, this space represents "early thinking and promotes unproven innovative ideas that have not yet become replicable actions. It highlights amazingly radical and promising forward thinking that can ignite further ideas for innovative practices."

CAPAM's intent in creating the Incubator is to forge increased collaboration and discourse from interested parties within the public, private and non-governmental organisation sectors in order to realise the full potential of the initiatives within.

Projects currently in an exploratory stage include:

SmartGov Discovery

SmartGov Discovery: An Intelligent Advisor on public administration and management practices across the Commonwealth

CAPAM is working on a digital platform powered by cognitive computing, also known as machine learning. The system is neither a searchable database nor a web browser, but rather a system that continuously learns from searches, curation and interaction with users. It bridges the gap between data quantity and data insights, builds knowledge, understands natural language and provides confidence-weighted responses.

SmartGov Discovery interface

How it works

Public service professionals will be able to use SmartGov Discovery to engage in a Question & Answer process to access deep learning from a broader range of knowledge than ever before possible. SmartGov Discovery will source information from an expanded CAPAM knowledge base, which will include up-to-date information from governments and NGOs as well as private and public sources worldwide. 

One of the principal advantages of the technology is the ability to ask questions as one would of a colleague, and SmartGov Discovery quickly provides an answer with topical readings and secondary sources.  It will process information in seconds, not days or weeks, and leverage data to:
  • detect hidden patterns and links
  • make connections between different types of research
  • equip employees to be more effective
  • assist in evidence-based decision-making

The data

The system will start out with curated data and knowledge/information learned or captured from open data. It will further learn from interactions with users. The more queries it handles the greater the base of knowledge. CAPAM has approached international organisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank as well as governments and academia for access to their vast pools of articles, case studies, reports, etc. 

The audience

The following users are SmartGov Discovery’s target market:
  • Public servants in Commonwealth countries
  • Public office holders
  • Academics researching and teaching public policy
  • Students in public service training institutes
  • NGOs specializing in public policy
  • Public relations firms
  • Government affairs divisions of corporations
  • International consulting firms
  • Political party policy research teams
It is important to note that this project starts with a Commonwealth focus but SmartGov Discovery has the potential for use on a global basis. 

For more information on how governments and organisations can become involved, contact:

Gay Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer, CAPAM
291 Dalhousie Street, Suite 202
Ottawa, ON, K1N 7E5, Canada
Phone: +1 819 956 7953
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